Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips to find and fill those pesky unscheduled positions

By Aaron Taylor

Here are a couple ways to check/fill unscheduled positions quickly.

First two ways to check for them...1) DATASET-SCHEDULE-QUICK VIEW. There are icons available here that will allow you to jump right to the hour you want to start "fixing".
2)DATASET-SCHEDULE-RECAP REPORT, click on the CATEGORY STATS icon to see the number of unscheduled positions you have for the last scheduling session by category.

Now to fill them quickly.

In the Schedule Editor, if you have the TOOLS-OPTIONS-SCHEDULE EDITOR OPTIONS set to: Rule Failures to search for: "Bypass all scheduled songs" and the check box CHECKED for "Stop on unscheduled positions" you can utilize the CTRL-N function in the schedule editor to jump to each unscheduled position and fill them before you begin your "general" manual editing process.

1 comment:

SteveFM said...

I have used this command (CTRL-N) for a long time now and find it so helpful. Thanks for reminding all of this great shortcut!