Friday, May 21, 2010

Speciality weekend programming resources available from MusicMaster

By Aaron Taylor

Thinking about or getting ready to do special programming for this upcoming holiday weekend?  You may want to check out some of the great resource available to you regarding how to do these with ease in MusicMaster.

In the HELP system of MusicMaster Windows itself, go to:

Help-Tutorials- "A to Z Special"  and "Top 500 Countdown"

There is a wealth of excellent material on the MusicMaster website in the Support site, check the Windows section.
In our newsletter archive, check the September 2008 edition for an article on A to Z weekends.

In our newsletter archive. check the July 2006 edition for an article on doing a Top 230 countdown (this was created for forth of July 2006, when the U.S was 230 years old).

Also available on the front page of the MusicMaster website, check the link to our archived webinars, there is an excellent one that was recorded on April 8 2009 on the topic of setting up weekend special programming, view it here:

If you still have questions about your specific set up for some upcoming special weekend programming, drop us an email or call if we can help!

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Aaron Taylor said...

Somehow I forgot to include these two, links below from this very blog!