Thursday, July 8, 2010

Show Balloon Tips

by Paul Ziino

When you are in Library Maintenance, click the third icon from the
right "Show Balloon Tips". This comes in handy when looking at
coding in your library. For example, when Show Balloon Tips is
activated, you are able to hover on your sound code field for a given
song, and a balloon will appear that details what each code assigned
to that song means. For example, instead of just seeing BP in the
field, the balloon will indicate B=Ballad and P=Pop--or whatever
codes are assigned. In a multi-keyword field such as Artist
Keywords, instead of seeing only the primary/first keyword assigned,
when hovering your mouse on the field the balloon will display all
the Artist Keywords assigned to the song. For example, instead of
only seeing the primary keyword of BEATLES, the balloon will contain
all the keywords assigned to that song: LENNON, McCARTNEY, HARRISON, and STARR.

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