Tuesday, July 20, 2010

+ More

by Paul Ziino

When you are in the replacement window of the schedule editor you
have three display options: Show all available songs, Hide
Unbreakable failures, and Show only perfect songs...these are noted
by the flag icons. When in "Hide Unbreakable" or "Show only perfect"
mode, by default MusicMaster will display the ten most-rested songs
that meet those criteria. If more than ten are available, you'll see
the "+ More" button which will give you an additional ten songs that
meet the criteria each time you click "+ More", until all songs are
displayed. But did you know you can change how many songs will be
displayed to start with, and how many more will be displayed with
each click of "+ More"?

Go to Tools/Options/Additional Properties. Under the Schedule
section find "MoreDigDepth". By default this is set to 10, but you
can set any number you want--up to 99. If you set it to 99 you'll
get the 99 most-rested songs that meet the criteria, and "+ More"
will give you an additional 99 each time you click it--until all
songs that meet the criteria are on display. Or you can delete the
setting and leave it blank. Now MusicMaster will display all the
songs that meet the criteria right away.

One item of note...in large databases where there could be 1000s of
songs available, setting this too high or leaving it blank could
result in a significant slow-down of the replacement window. Find
the happy medium and you're on your way!

A second item of note...when "+ More" appears, you can hold the Shift
button when clicking the icon and MusicMaster will display all songs
that meet the criteria. Again, this could take some time depending
on the rules being tested and the size of your data.

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