Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special History Reports

by Paul Ziino

Every so often we get calls from MusicMaster users indicating "...my
BMI report was rejected because they said it's blank." In most of
those cases, the user likely missed a very important step--filling
out the report's Options tab.

There are lots of pre-built reports in the MusicMaster program, all
available under Dataset/Analysis/Special History Reports. Here you
will use the pull-down menu to choose the needed report. Once you've
selected the report, check the needed categories, and set your start
and end dates/times.

Now click the Options tab. The Options tab is where you tell
MusicMaster what information belongs under each header. In general
you'll fill out the top half under Misc manually. It's the Song
Fields section that requires your attention. Double-click in the
space to the right of each field to open the drop-down menu. Here
you will indicate what field in your data contains the requested
information. For example: Artist Name will likely be in the Artist
field, Song Title in the Title field, Performers in the Soloists
field and so forth. If your data does not contain the requested
information, leave that field blank. Once you have the fields
matched up, go back to the Report Setup tab and click Print or Export
to generate the file, then send it to the appropriate agency and you're done!

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