Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Favorite Queries

by Paul Ziino

You can create a new query in MusicMaster by going to
Dataset/Library/Query the Library/New Query. Here you can select the
categories to be included as well as what operator you are looking
for. Want a query of all the Females in the data? Create the New
Query for the Gender or Role field, contains, Female code. Click
Add, and then click the Save As icon at the top of the query box to
name this new query.

Now when you are in Library Maintenance you'll see the third icon
from the left is a binoculars with a heart. This is the Favorite
Query icon. Click the little pull-down arrow to the right of the
icon and you'll see a list of all saved queries. Check your favorite
one, and now when you click the Favorite Query icon, it will
automatically load the songs that match that query!

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