Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Schedule Editor: Show/Hide Elements

by Paul Ziino

In an attempt to de-clutter your schedule editor, you can hide any
number of things from the view simply by clicking the "Show/Hide
Elements" icon (2nd from right in schedule editor).

On the Elements tab you can un-check any element types you do not
wish to view. Hide your Lognotes, Scheduled Non-Music Songs, Hour
Markers, and more.

The Toolbars tab allows you to select and un-select the Hour
Selection bar, Instant Analysis, Results Bar, and the Test Results panel.

And the Categories tab allows you to hide any specific
categories. You're only concerned about your currents? Hide
everything else. Just remember to turn things back on when needed.

All hidden items are indicated by a red line in the schedule editor,
just to let you know that something is there, you're just not seeing it.

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