Friday, January 15, 2010

Now Holding Auditions For MusicMaster Idol!

There are a lot of nice kids out there trying to make it and they don't all have to go through Simon Cowell. Maybe we all need a little tough love to buff out those rough spots, but there's still something great about hearing raw talent in its infancy. So why not hold our own Idol showcase? We've got a couple contestants in mind, but we want your input too. Maybe you've found some talent by accident on YouTube while searching for covers for your favorite song. Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy that's trying to move past bar gigs. Maybe you're the proud parent of a gifted musician. Maybe you yourself are a rock god on the weekends and have a demo tape that's gathering dust. We want to hear what you've got!

To start us off, I'm calling Jarell Perry into the judging room. Jarell is a fledgling R&B singer/songwriter who first got my attention with an a capella cover of Coldplay on YouTube. He recently released a mixtape which is available for free download. Jarell is gaining attention with the help of indie producers and a dedicated following of fans in his hometown of Los Angeles. Take a listen to any of the album tracks at the website below. I'd recommend "My Life" "Universal Love" and "Indestructable."

It may not be the most polished record in the world, but in the words of the immortal Randy Jackson, this dog's got some pipes.

We invite you to check him out and play Simon or Paula (ahem, I mean Doogie Howser...?). Leave your comments and don't forget to send us your own acts. You can leave links and info in the comment section of this entry, or email audio, links or YouTube to



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