Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LogNote Management

By Aaron Taylor

Need to make a change across all clocks to the text of a specific lognote?  Fastest way to do this is in DATASET-CLOCKS-LOGNOTE TEXT.  If you make a change to the text in this window, it will be updated once saved. Sidenote...If you instead want to make an alteration to an existing lognote in just ONE clock, edit that lognote in the clock itself.  Then, once you revisit the LogNote editor, you will see that note has been added to the lognote list, along with the original.

You also have the option here to add or delete specific lognotes completely,  (Copy/Paste CTRL-C, CTRL-V does work here) as well as print the entire list if you wish.

A handy "housekeeping" option here is PURGE, which will delete any lognote(s) that are not currently part of ANY clock.  This cannot be reversed once you run this, so it is always a wise idea to make a backup FIRST.

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